Cements and Masonry Products

Hanford Lumber carries an assortment of cements, pre-mixed bagged goods and accessories for your project—from setting deck and fence posts to repair need to de-icing requirements, we have what you need.       

items available:

Below is a partial list of what we have available—other items may be available on special order.

  • Pre-Mixed Concrete Mix – convenient 30 kg bags
  • Portland Cement – Type 10 available in 20 kg and 40 kg bags
  • Pre-Mixed Sand Mix and Mortar Mix – 30 kg bags for masonry repair and brick/block laying  
  • Non-Shrink Grout – 22.7 kg bags – for structural plate setting, joint filling and setting of machine bolts into floors where high strength and minimal shrinkage is required
  • Salt and Sand/Salt mixtures – for winter de-icing and traction. Calcium chloride also available.
  • Asphalt repair patch – 30 kg bags of cold asphalt repair mix
  • Miscellaneous Items:  sonotubes, anchor bolts, concrete nails, self-drilling flat and hex-head concrete screws, floats, edgers, trowels. Other items available on special order.

For any further sizing and or grades not listed please reach out to our sales desk for a special order inquiry.