Douglas FirTimbers

Douglas fir (pseudotsuga Menziesii) is the strongest of Canada’s softwoods and is traditionally known for strength, stiffness and durability. Because of these attributes, Douglas fir is widely specified by architects and engineers for applications where both strength and appearance are of primary concern. Coastal and Interior Douglas fir is known for its rich pink heartwood and creamy white sapwood adding visual appeal to the overall strength of the species.

The desirable physical properties and wide range of available sizes make Douglas fir the material of choice for a broad spectrum of end uses—ranging from post and beam & heavy timber construction to glue-laminated timbers; from porch and gazebo projects to the heaviest of bridge components; from piling and shoring applications and beyond, the structural performance and inherent natural beauty of Douglas fir make it a smart choice for many applications.


  • Sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Exceptional load bearing capability
  • Vast array of sizing
  • Year-round availability
  • Wide range of application and end use
  • Highly acceptable to paint and stain finishes

Douglas Fir Timber Items available:

Rough, Sawn Full-Size #1 And Better (NLGA Rules)

Select Structural available on special order.

3″x4″3″x6″3″x8″3″x10″3″x12″3″x14″3″x16″8′ to 40′
4″x4″4″x6″4″x8″4″x10″4″x12″4″x14″4″x16″8′ to 40′
6″x6″6″x8″6″x10″6″x12″6″x14″6″x16″8’ to 40′
8″x8″8″x10″8″x12″8″x14″8″x16″8′ to 40′
10″x10″10″x12″10″x14″10″x16″8′ to 40′
12″x12″12″x14″12″x16″8′ to 40′

Other dimensions available on special order. Surfacing of timbers done on premises if required. Custom pressure-treating and precision-end trimming also available.

For any further sizing and or grades not listed please reach out to our sales desk for a special order inquiry.