Glue-Laminated Timber

From its infancy in Europe in 1890, glue-laminated timber (more commonly called ‘glulam’) has evolved into structural components that both maximize the economies of wood stress grades while accommodating both long spans and aesthetics. Glulam was considered revolutionary for its time as it provided the first timber construction that exceeded the length of a tree.

Glulam is an engineered wood product composed of individual pieces of dimensional lumber (known as “lamstock” that are end-jointed and glued together to make laminations which are stacked together and glued to create beams and columns. Beam layups have the strongest grades of lamstock on the top and bottom laminations as that is where the highest tensile and compressive strengths are required. Lesser stress grades are used in the internal laminations where the internal stresses are lower, therefore maximizing the economy of the beam.

items available:

Glulam timbers and columns are typically available in Douglas fir or SPF (spruce-pine-fir) in a variety of grades for both stress and appearance.

All glulam products are made-to-order; beam size standard widths are 80mm, 130mm, 175mm, 215mm, 265mm, 315mm and 365 mm. Standard beam depths are in increments of 38mm, ranging in size from 76 mm to 1824 mm or more. All glulam products are laid-up with waterproof phenol adhesives for both indoor and outdoor service,

Hanford Lumber would be pleased to field any glulam inquiries; please be advised that designs incorporating glulam components must be designed and specified by an architect or professional structural engineer.

For any further sizing and or grades not listed please reach out to our sales desk for a special order inquiry.