Marine-Grade Plywood

Marine-grade plywood is used where exposure to dampness or weather may impede the performance of regular fir or spruce plywood.

Marine-Grade plywood is composed of 100% Douglas fir veneer, bonded with waterproof exterior grade phenolic resin adhesive. Typically, fir marine-grade plywood is of a good 2 side composition, with an “A” grade face and a “B” grade back. The common misconception about marine-grade plywood is that it utilizes a special adhesive in the layup process. The truth is that it is the same phenolic waterproof adhesive used in structural sheathing and sanded panels. What sets marine-type plywood apart from the others is the type of veneer used in the core. The inner plies of marine-grade plywood are composed of “B” veneers which are specially selected for no open defects in order to lay-up a panel with no core voids. Core voids will, with time, ultimately allow moisture ingress and a core with no open defects will provide extra protection from premature failure from the inside of the panel outwards.

Marine-grade plywood available:

GradeThicknessWidth x Length
ABX Fir1/2″4’x8′
ABX Fir3/4”4’x8′

Other thicknesses may be available on special order, as well as exotic veneered face panels such as meranti, teak and gaboon for boat building.

For any further sizing and or grades not listed please reach out to our sales desk for a special order inquiry.