MDO Plywood Signboard

MDO (Medium-Density Overlaid) signboard consists of a 100% Douglas fir plywood panel, composed with waterproof  adhesives and overlaid with resin-impregnated paper on one or 2 faces which create a panel suitable for sign making, among other uses. 

The impregnated paper overlay combined with a 2-step panel repair process ensures a reliable, paintable finish with no grain transfer from the plywood substrate. Printing processes such as screen-printing, and direct digital printing, along with traditional painting methods are all well served by MDO sign panels. MDO panels are not just limited to sign purposes; anywhere that a solid, smooth, dependable painted surface is required is a candidate for MDO. Typical applications are exterior signage and billboards, furniture, cabinetry, displays, fixtures, shelving, partitions, soffit & fascia, truck body & trailer liners and doors.

MDO Panel Assortment available:

MDO is available pre-primed for speed of finishing and installation or unprimed, as well as an assortment of thicknesses and panel sizes. Unfinished backer sheets are applied to certain panels to assist in balancing the panel to increase dimensional stability.

1/2” 4’x8’ Pre-primed Good 1 side with unfinished backer sheet
Also available in a good-2 side panel, primed 2 sides, 3/8”, 1/2”,5/8”,3/4” and 1-1/18” thick  and up to 4’x10’ on special order.

3/8, 1/2”, 3/4”  4’x8′ unfinished MDO
4’x8’ Good 1 side with backer sheet and good 2 side are available on special order request.

For any further sizing and or grades not listed please reach out to our sales desk for a special order inquiry.