White Pine Dimensional Lumber

Eastern white pine is the reliable choice of wood for a multitude of end use and lends itself well for trim, cabinet work, door and window components, shelving, siding, paneling and flooring.

Properties of white pine include a creamy white to light straw-brown heartwood with an almost-white sapwood and uniform texture. Pine has excellent workability ,exceptional fastener-holding capability and low dimensional shrinkage. Pine is also versatile from the standpoint that it takes practically all finishes very well. From waxes and stains to paints and varnishes

White Pine Lumber Items available:

#1&2 Common & Select D4S

1″ × 4″Random Lengths 6’-16
1″ x 6″Random Lengths 6’-16
1″ x 8″Random Lengths 6’-16
1″ x 10″Random Lengths 6’-16
1″ x 12″Random Lengths 6’-16
2″ x 2″Random Lengths 6’-16
2″ x 4″Random Lengths 6’-16
2″ x 6″Random Lengths 6’-16
2″ x 8″Random Lengths 6’-16
2″ x 10″Random Lengths 6’-16
2″ x 12″Random Lengths 6’-16

#1&2  Smooth 1 Side / Rough 1 side

1″ x 12″ (7/8″  x 11-7/8″)16′Perfect for many uses including board and batten siding.

Tongue and Groove /Patterned Stock—Most CLA patterns are available on special order basis.

For any further sizing and or grades not listed please reach out to our sales desk for a special order inquiry.